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A standard full-day's fishing is about 8 hours. Generally the fishing day begins around 8:00am and ends around 5:00pm. Hours may fluctuate depending on the tides that day.

A standard half-day's fishing is about 4 hours. Generally the fishing day begins around 8:00am and ends around 12:00 noon.

Early morning and night fishing for tarpon can be excellent if you prefer an after-hours trip just let us know.


We believe strongly in protecting the fishery around Caye Caulker. Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit are now protected by Belizean Law. These fish are all released to fight another day.

We also offer deep sea fishing. This is a great opportunity to fish for large schools of fish which include Jack Crevalle, Barracudas, Groupers and Snappers, among other species of fish.

Bonefish fishing in Belize

Bonefish are the main species targeted around Caye Caulker. Our guide has over 15 years’ experience stalking bonefish on the flats of Belize. Most of the bonefish flats are just a quick 10 minute boat ride from the dock.

Bonefish in Belize average 2-3 pounds, with a 4-8 pound fish common and some fish as large as 10 pounds. Bonefish in Belize are fished throughout the year and they are on the flats most of the time. Bonefish also inhabit mangrove-lined lagoons and flats in and around Caye Caulker, so no need to go far to reach the bonefish fishing grounds.

Permit fishing in Belize

Permit are the prime objective of most saltwater anglers. Belize has gained a reputation as the permit capital of the world. More like hunting, permit present a unique challenge and many guests have landed their first permit with us.

Most permit are found a singles or in small schools on the flats and deep flats throughout Belize. Most of our permit fishing is done from a poled skiff.

Tarpon fishing in Belize

Tarpon are the biggest challenge for saltwater fly-fishing anglers. Although there are always some resident tarpon to be found, the migratory tarpon season extends from mid-April to October. Tarpon can be found in the creeks and lagoons of Belize. Most tarpon are in the 60-90 pound range and some fish in the 100-150 pound range.